Sky Ranch Tagaytay

After all the chikkas and suggestions about Sky Ranch, my mom, sissy and I decided to take a visit yesterday. We also had other things to do in Tagaytay ( getting my younger sissy a driver's license).
We were like kiddos that my mom paid attention to us to visit an amusement park. Hehe

We were up in Tagaytay at almost 10 in the morning because of the license thingy. Seriously, there were a lot of people in LTO-Tagaytay i must say. It was a jam-packed.

Since we were going to wait till 1pm (Lunch break), my mom decided to have our lunch in Summit Ridge Sizzling Pepper Steak.

This is how to call the waiters/waitresses. The funny thing is that when I tried to interchange STOP from MOOOVE, they were suddenly there. Instant ha!

For appetizer, we had the fried Calamari with Mayonnaise (with parsley, onion and lemon juice)

The smokey sizzling steaks in front of us. The aroma is just, suffocating in a good way. Thank God they have the smoke suction thingy in the ceiling for every table.

My sister and I had the best seller called Beef Pepper Steak

My mom craved for a steak so she ordered Rib Eye Steak. That's well done.

For desserts, we had Blueberry cheesecake and Chocolate ganache. Moo!

After Lunch, we headed back again to LTO buuuttttt then again, the system was offline and we had to wait like forever there so we decided to visit the Sky Ranch earlier than expected.

Parking Fee- P50.00
Entrance Free- P100.00 (Regular Fee);  P50.00 ( Promotion: until May 31, 2013)

Before entering the amusement park, this will surprise you. HORSE SMELL.
Horseback Riding (Riding Loop) for only P250/30 minutes.

Other rides is also open. And every ride cost a peso.

Mom and I. Yeee. Being kiddo again. :-)

The Sky Ranch is not yet fully build. I mean in terms of food establishments and other facilities. They only have food stalls, restrooms (of course!), horse back riding and the rides.

And the main attraction of the amusement park is the Sky Eye

Tallest Ferris Wheel in Pinas? Well. See for yourselves :-)

melo-dramatic effect! hehe

I don't know why the weather in Tagaytay is so FOGGY. Can't even see the peak of the Sky Eye.

This is when we are at the peak of the ferris wheel. At first going upwards wasn't scary at all but then I was quiet when we were at the peak. Seriously. Hahaha. It was really high and Thank God it was foggy I couldn't see the ground.

Hahaha. My Mom! :-) She was scared of heights but conquered it. Yay for her!

"Mom: Mamatay ako dito!"

And after all the hardship, my sissy had her license! It was almost 5:30 in the afternoon.

Address: Beside Taal Vista Hotel, Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Mon- Thurs: 3:00pm to 12:00am
Fri- Sun: 12:00pm to 12:00am
Sky Eye – P150
Super Viking – P100
Nessie Coaster – P50
Mini Viking – P50
Wonder Flight – P50
Red Baron – P50
Express Train – P50
Horseback Riding (Riding Loop) for only P250/30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

a brand new place with that Horse smell is really terrible and with a Makati like parking fee - i won't be back there again...

Anonymous said...

Do you think its fun to go there

Kaye said...

Personally, i didn't really had much fun there since the establishments are not yet fully developed. Only 7 rides are open.
But if you want to go there, then go. Promotion of P50.00 entrance fee is up to May 30 which is today. hehe

Kaye said...

I agree. Sky ranch is not even that fully furnished and construction is still on going.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what hotels are near the sky ranch?

Kaye said...

Hi anon! Taal vista is the nearest hotel since it's just beside the skyranch. Or you can stay also at Summit Ridge Hotel (beside robinson's tagaytay)

Anonymous said...

ano po ang mas elevated ang daan? way to People's Park or Sky Ranch? Concern lang baka tumirik ang sasakyan ko e... Hehe... thanks.

Kaye said...

Hi! Sorry for the "super" late reply. To answer you, mas elevated ang People's Park, and zigzag pa. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi kaye, thanks sa info ng blog planning to go there with my kids next at least i have an idea now...salamat uli. kwel! - robert

Kaye said...

Hi Anon! Sky ranch has now a lot of restaurants opened and new rides to try :-)
Thank you din for reading! :)

Anonymous said...

hi 3pm prn b sila nag open pag weekdays? thanks!